What is Yoga? Is Yoga means Only Asan? Complete Guide
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What is Yoga? Is Yoga means Only Asan? Complete Guide

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The word yoga is originated from the sanskrit word YUJ which means to unite. Therefore, the meaning of yoga is to unite mind and body with supernatural power so that we are able to know ourselves and thus get relived from all stress become healthy and self motivated.

According to the Patanjali yoga sutras the first shloka says –
Atha Yoga Anushasanam! which means now we are ready to do yoga with disciplines
By following first yoga sutra the yog sadhak get benefitted as
Yogisch Chitta Vritti Nirodhanam!! means after practicing yog the sadhak is free from all sorrows
then final stage comes
Tada drashta Swarope Awasthanam!! meas ones yogi is get free from all sorrows he find himself.
and this is the climax of the yoga

Yoga not only limited to the asanas, asan is the only one part of yoga. The four main parts of yoga are:
1. Karma Yoga, 2. Gyan Yoga, 3. Bhakti Yoga, 4. Raj Yoga or Moksha Sanyas Yoga

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